Sep 14, 2016: Michael Liebreich, founder of Bloomberg New Energy Finance and member of SEforALL’s Advisory Board, is a pioneer in the renewable energy industry and a powerful voice for the ongoing global energy transition.
Sep 09, 2016: Rachel Kyte, SEforALL’s Chief Executive Officer and Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Sustainable Energy for All, will be speaking on energy, infrastructure and sustainable development at the Toronto Global Forum on Tuesday, 13 September.  
Sep 07, 2016: “Even though there are a lot of projects happening, to make a project sustainable one must take a whole-systems approach.” Rocky Mountain Institute trustee Maria van der Hoeven, formerly Executive Director of the International Energy Agency and a member of SEforALL’s Advisory Board,
Sep 05, 2016: The United States and China – the world’s two biggest greenhouse gas emitters – have formally ratified the Paris climate agreement, bringing its entry into force a big step closer.  
Aug 30, 2016: Developing economies jumped ahead of developed countries for the first time in 2015 in terms of total new renewable energy investment, REN21's Global Status Report 2016 shows.
Aug 23, 2016: Renewable energy producers have won more than a 50% share of Chile’s latest power tender, with falling costs for renewables driving the average bid price below USD 50 per megawatt hour (MWh) – the lowest since the tenders began a decade ago.
Aug 18, 2016: Ever wondered where’s the best place in the world to build a solar power plant? For the first time, privately-produced renewable energy maps and resource data is available for download to all for free.
Aug 16, 2016: Toyota, Siemens and Johnson Controls head a new list of the top 200 world companies ranked by their total clean energy revenues, with Chinese firms accounting for more than a third of the total.
Aug 16, 2016: International pubic climate funds are too focused on large-scale grid extension, to the detriment of small-scale off-grid and mini-grid services that are often quicker and cheaper to deploy
Aug 10, 2016: The Energy Transitions Commission (ETC) and Ecofys analyze the INDCs of 16 countries and one region (the EU-28), which accounted for 78% of global energy-related CO2 emissions in 2013.