Jan 11, 2012: By UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon As a child growing up during the Korean War, I studied by candlelight. Electric conveniences such as refrigerators and fans were largely unknown. Yet within my lifetime, that reality changed utterly. Easy access to energy opened abundant new possibilities for my family and my nation.
Oct 10, 2010: In order to achieve sustainable development, access to energy is a prerequisite in developing countries, yet the ability of these nations to put their development on a sustainable pathway is often hindered by a lack of experience or technical expertise.
Oct 10, 2010: The third meeting of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) took place in London on April 25-26 and concluded with a number of commitments made by the 23 CEM participants, along with leaders fro
Oct 10, 2010: Up-front expenses associated with the adoption of clean energy technologies often make them off-limits to those who could benefit most from their use.
Oct 10, 2010: As the first developing country to engage with Sustainable Energy for All, Ghana is developing a national action plan to increase its renewable energy capacity and extend reliable energy access to all of its citizens.