Sustainable Development Goal 7

Energy enables. From job creation to economic development, from security concerns to the full empowerment of women, energy lies at the heart of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - agreed to by the world’s leaders in September 2015.

How we produce and use energy is also pivotal to the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change, in which 195 nations agreed to reduce global carbon pollution to levels that will limit global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees Celsius.

In the words of former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who helped launch Sustainable Energy for All in 2011, “Energy is the golden thread that connects economic growth, increased social equity, and an environment that allows the world to thrive."

Yet just under one billion people in the world today have no access to electricity, and roughly three times that number use dirty cooking fuels, whose smoke is killing more than four million people a year.

Sustainable Development Goal 7 sets out to change these numbers, calling for “affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.” SDG7 is the foundation for Sustainable Energy for All’s work.

SDG7 is working towards three ambitious objectives by 2030:

• ensuring universal access to modern energy services

• doubling the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix

• doubling the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency

Ensuring sustainable energy access is critical in delivering not only SDG 7, but all the SDGs. Without sustainable energy, development that lifts up all people while protecting the planet is simply not possible.