Work stream 3

Problem Statement

From girls and young women’s participation rates in science, technology and mathematics education to women in the energy sector workforce, in management or on boards of energy services companies, the energy sector is behind other sectors in terms of gender balance.

Conventional energy policies tend to focus on energy supply, with limited attention to women’s empowerment in the energy sector. This risks missing out on vital opportunities to draw on women’s local knowledge and capabilities as energy leaders and entrepreneurs.

Women at all levels and across all capacities engaged in energy services delivery – from governments, to businesses to non-profit organizations - tend to lack autonomy, authority and decision making power at work. They often lack access to support networks, role models and champions to help advance their career as well as ‘female-friendly’ public and company policies to help them realize their goals.

The People-Centered Accelerator to advance gender equality, social inclusion and women’s empowerment in the energy sector, through SEforALL, will therefore work with partners to enhance women’s full participation in sustainable energy solutions at every level.

Proposed Accelerator Activities

Advocate for and enable increased leadership and participation of women engaged in all levels of energy service delivery, to achieve autonomy, authority and decision-making power at work

The People-Centered Accelerator aims to work with partners to:

  • Advocate for changes in policy in the public and private sector to support and empower women at all levels to engage in energy service delivery, including by engaging a network of ambassadors (e.g. national, regional, local) to advocate for change with leaders in the public sector, non-profit and energy business community.

  • Gather data and where necessary propose metrics to support better understanding and benchmarking of the policy uptake in government and business, and the impact on advancing women’s empowerment. Explore how they can support the business case for greater engagement of women at all levels of energy service delivery.

  • Highlight and elevate women’s successes in sustainable energy policy and business.

  • Connect women to networks, mentors and role models (in business and policy making) for peer to peer exchanges and to increase their access to career advancement and decision-making opportunities.

  • Raise awareness and encourage men to support women's professional development.

How can you get involved?
We would like to hear from stakeholders who are interested in engaging and supporting the People-Centered Accelerator and its mission. Broader, more diverse input will enable more inclusive perspectives and participation in the planning, design and delivery of energy services for all.