Marshalling the Evidence

As an action-oriented platform, Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) and our Partners play a key role in delivering data and evidence to help leaders implement strategic plans and mobilize the needed finance.

Robust data and evidence can catalyze action at the local and global level that is inhibited by a lack of information, innovation or vision, or the inertia of key actors or financial markets.

When leaders are effectively engaged and data and evidence are gathered and placed for most impact, this can help open up pathways for bolder actions and new approaches, technologies and markets.

To date, SEforALL has placed emphasis on measuring success by monitoring global and national progress towards SEforALL’s objectives (e.g. Global Tracking Framework, Multi-tier Framework) and country readiness for investment in sustainable energy (e.g. RISE index). These efforts provide valuable information on where progress is happening and where additional efforts are needed.

Going forward, SEforALL will extend these efforts to track progress with financing, particularly for access where data is less available.

Many initiatives and Partners in the SEforALL network also generate data and evidence and capture experience on access, energy efficiency and renewable energy, but there has been no uniform or structured way to capture and share it.

We marshal the evidence so that leaders can make the decision needed to get clean, affordable energy access to everyone by 2030.